The Unwanted is the thirty-sixth chapter of the Vampire Knight manga.


Zero doesn't believe that Kaname is Yuki's elder brother because Kaname Kuran says that he wished he was her elder brother. Yuki Kuran is now a vampire after Kaname bit her and gave Yuki some of his blood that brought back her memories.She thinks Kaname is her brother. Rido Kuran decides it is time to hunt down Yuki and he knew Yuki was turned into a human so she wouldn't be tracked down by Rido. Then Hanabusa Aido and Akatsuki Kain find out that Yuki was born a Pureblood and was supposed to be Kaname's Wife. Then Zero sees Senri Shiki but knows that he actually is being controlled by Rido Kuran.Rido begins to talk to Ichijo about the curse of the two hunter twins. Rido trys to threaten to strangle Shiki's neck. Ichijo stops him from strangling him then Rima Toya comes out of nowhere and asks if he is not Shiki and asks who he was. Yuki wakes up and is thirsty for blood and drinks Kaname's blood and starts to cry and starts to think about how long one of them has waited for this day to come.Yuki sees a very scary man and monster and how she lost her memories and why she lost them. She starts to talk about the battle between Haruka Kuran and Rido Kuran and how strong the two of them were and realizes they aren't here anymore. She starts to question her existence and Kaname stops but then Yuki smells Rima's blood because Rido then Senri Shiki trys to fight back againist Rido's will. Yuki goes to visit Zero.

List of Character AppearancesEdit

  1. Yuki Kuran
  2. Zero Kiryu
  3. Kaname Kuran
  4. Senri Shiki
  5. Rima Toya
  6. Takuma Ichijo
  7. Hanabusa Aido
  8. Akatsuki Kain
  9. Ruka Souen


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