Bloody Rose is the forty-second chapter of the Vampire Knight manga.


Yuki remembers her mother and reflects on her 10 years as a human. Kain demonstrates some awesome strength kicking a vampire into dust at the Moon Dormitory, annoying Rido. He sends higher level vampires higher to face off against them. The Night Class students work to fight against the invaders and realize they believe in the peace between humans and vampires. Kain steps in to keep Ruka out of the fight. Ruka worries about the missing Aido. Aido fights on his own against the invaders on the roof of the Moon Dormitory, until he sees Rido Kuran. Rido compels Aido in order to feast on him, but Aido is saved when Yuki leaps up and catches him. The three gather on the roof of the Moon Dormitory and Yuki finally meets her uncle. Rido decides he will have Yuki instead of eating her, using her as a replacement for Juri. Rido almost succeeds in spell bounding Yuki, when Aido drags her away from Rido's embrace. Rido taunts Yuki with details about her father's death. Yuki senses something and pushes Aido off the building just before massive attack of vines hits the building and crushes Rido. Zero has arrived bearing new metallic vine powers. Yuki looks shocked to see Zero and Zero's soft look hardens and he looks away, Yuki looks away too, troubled. Zero threatens Rido and he is attacked from behind by Rido, but Yuki defends his back. Zero demands to know why she did it and calls her "the enemy", Yuki declares she will always be his ally as something she decided long ago. Zero looks sad.

List of Character AppearancesEdit

  1. Juri Kuran
  2. Yuki Kuran
  3. Rido Kuran
  4. Akatsuki Kain
  5. Ruka Souen
  6. Hanabusa Aido
  7. Zero Kiryu


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