Queen is the fifty-sixth chapter of the Vampire Knight manga.


The guests of the party had left because of the death of the Pureblood, Lord Ouri and the death of a vampire hunter. Sara Shirabuki reveals in a conversation with Takuma that she had killed her own fiancee, Lord Ouri in order to gain new powers and because Ouri had long awaited his own death. In the conversation she revealed that she wants be queen of the other vampires and take the throne from Kaname Kuran.

After her departure from the party, Yuki intends to learn more from the vampire world in order to understand the vampire society and mature more. Many vampires gathered around the Kuran mansion to greet Yuki and such, and among those vampires were Rima and Shiki. Yuki invited Rima and Shiki in, even though Kaname had left strict instructions to Aido and Yuki to not open the door to anyone when he is not home. Yuki asked Rima and Shiki to stay a bit longer, but the pair said that they only have a message from Takuma, telling Yuki to take good care of Kaname even though it is a hard task to do so. When Kaname returned, he is upset after finding out that Yuki and Aido invited Rima and Shiki inside, so as their punishment, Kaname will now teach Yuki himself and Aido would have to count all the chickpeas in the pantry.

The murder of Lord Ouri was set to look like a suicide.

List of Character AppearancesEdit


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