The Last Night Vampire Knight is the 93rd chapter/ last chapter of the manga, Vampire Knight.


Kaname place his heart in the furnace and watch it burn and he slowly lose his life. Yuki and Zero came in and realize that he already sacrifice his heart. Yuki tries to get it out, but Kaname stops her and told her to stop and accept what has happened. She started crying that she wanted to do something for them but couldn't and she wish that she wasn't born that thing's would have been different for him. Kaname told her that she was the light brought him to be needed again and he was able to protect and watch over her even when she lived as a human. Kaname admitted that he committed unforgivable sins to everyone and everything and now he has to give in to his sin that he committed. Zero understands and knows that people are dying and it's because of Kaname's choice's that created it. Kaname repeated what he said before to accept what has happen, Yuki is still crying that she doesn't want to be in world were she won't hear his voice again. Kaname told her that he didn't have an unhappy life because she the light that brought him to the end. Zero looks at the Bloody Rose and it was dying. Zero would thank Kaname but he won't because he won't forgive him for putting Yuki in pain. Kaname accepted Zero for what he said and grab Zero and told them that they (Zero and Yuki) should be together. Kaname then dies and Yuki ran out when the fight is still going on. Zero and Bloody Rose was grabbed by the new metal. Yuki was about to use her Artemis it but turns to dust. The new metal bursts out and killed a few Level-E's and Purebloods. After the fight Aido created an ice coffin for Kaname. Zero confess to Yuki and asks her to come with him even if it takes years. A thousand years later, Yuki along with her daughter and son go to the family grave to bring what was left of the Bloody Rose. In the final scene of the chapter, Yuki gives her life to Kaname to turn him human. Yuki's daughter and son gives him a message from their mother to show him the world as she saw when she was human. Kaname looks up to the sun and comments on its beauty.

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