A blood tablet dissolving in a sink

Blood tablets are a type of substitute for blood, consumed by dropping one to two tablets into a glass of water turning the water blood-coloured, they are also often ingested directly depending on one's preference.

Blood tablets are not a real substitute for blood as they do not taste very satisfying[1]. The Night Class students are known to prefer real blood.

Some ex-humans cannot accept blood tablets as their bodies physically reject them. Zero was included in this, until the second arc after he completed his fragment, he was capable of eating them[2].

It is usually only required to take one to two tablets at a time. The exceptions include a young Kaname, following the death of his parents, Ruka and Kain noted the alarming amount of blood tablets that Kaname swallows[3]. Kaien Cross finds Zero consuming a high amount of tablets due to his high thirst and inability to quench it through tablets and hunting.

New tabletsEdit

Sara Shirabuki has been involved with the Ichijo pharmaceutical company that Ichijo used to run and has had high tasty blood tablets developed. Rima Toya expressed concern over the fact that the new tablets had been rushed out to the market and not had time to be fully tested[4].

The tablets are revealed to contain Pureblood blood to make them more tasty. Sara confirms that her blood is used in the tablets[5].


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