Protocol for image categorizationEdit

Only image subcategories have the category of "image" applied. Images should have no more than 4 categories applies, one from each of the sections below,

Who categoryEdit

  • "[Character] image" - Any character that has a gallery
  • "Misc character image" - For all other characters without a gallery
  • "[Pairing] image" - Any pairing that has a gallery
  • "Pairing image" - For all other images featuring two characers without a gallery
  • "Group image" - For multiple people images

Source categoryEdit

  • "Screen capture" - Screen shots take from the anime
  • "Manga image"
  • "Fan art"
  • "Other art" - modified screen captures or coloured manga

What categoryEdit

  • "Chapter cover"
  • "Book cover"
  • "Location image"
  • "Object image"

Size categoryEdit

  • "Thumbnail"
  • "Small image"
  • "Medium image"
  • "Large image"

Categories should otherwise reflect the current categories for content.

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