Vampire Knight

Chapter: 66th Night - Once more, from the beginning

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Kaname and Yuki look at each other.

  • Cover catchphrase is "This time, don't look away."

Main plot pointsEdit

  • Seiren leaves Aido in the custody of the Hunters.
  • Lord Aido asks Yuki Kuran if she is able to stand up to Kaname.
  • Yuki worries about how much she can do while she still is not Kaname's equal.
  • Yuki worried by Ruka, demands to know what Kaname did to her.
  • Yuki admits Kaname has too many secrets and lies and asks Kaname if they can start over properly.


Memorable QuotesEdit

Character AppearancesEdit


  • Zero does not appear in this chapter.

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