Yuki is wearing red dress while chained to the floor by chains on her feet and her right hand. Zero, Kaien, Kaito, Yagari and Jinmu stand around her, all facing away from her.

  • Cover catchphrase is "Held captive by hunters, my heart has been bound far away, and yet, I... "
  • Series tagline is: "The bloody legend of humans and vampires!"
  • This is the first cover to predominantly feature the Vampire Hunters.
  • This is the first color images of Yagari, Kaito and Jinmu.
  • Zero holds the Artemis scythe, while Kaito possibly holds the Bloody Rose [1].

Main plot pointsEdit

  • Yuki is interrogated by Kaien, but she knows nothing.
  • Zero goes hunting with Kaito and saves a little girl, but the vampire gets away.
  • Yuki promises Aido she will take responsibility to find out why Kaname killed his father.
  • Yuki absorbs the memories of the catatonic girl and wakens her.
  • Yuki gets permission from Kaien to hunt down the vampires that escaped from Zero.


Memorable QuotesEdit

Character AppearancesEdit


  • This is the first chapter of Volume 15 of the Vampire Knight manga.
  1. Kaito holds a silver gun, but not enough appears to confirm if it is the Bloody Rose.

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