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Chapter: 74th Night - The Aims of the Purebloods

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The Aims of the Purebloods is the seventy fourth chapter in the Vampire Knight manga.


The tagline reads "Finally reaching the preferred direction." "Destiny's Bloody Legend?!"


Memorable quotesEdit

  • "It's okay don't worry..the thing that Zero is most afraid of is hiding here" (Yuki Cross to Yuki Kuran)
  • "The one guarding the coffin is only a lingering memory" (Ichiru to Yuki)
  • "If you want to prevent me from doing this then I will crush everyone even if it's you-" (Kaname to Kaien)

Characters Who Appeared in OrderEdit


  • Hanabusa's witnessing Yuki bite Zero harks back to his witnessing Zero biting Yuki previously


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