Corruption is the seventy eighth chapter in the Vampire Knight manga.


Memorable quotesEdit

  • "As long as I can get my hands on the “weapon” in this academy, it’ll do. This is also what you think, right? Besides, “that child” must have fallen as well, just like you have, wouldn’t you say so, Takuma?" (Sara talking about Zero)
  • "You are a devil…and a pathetic woman as well…" (Takuma talking to Sara)
  • "That man…Kaname Kuran…every single one of his cells, the entirety of his existence, is nothing but filth! He destroyed everything that belonged to me, my family, Ichiru, and myself…" (Zero talking to Yuki)

Characters Who Appeared in OrderEdit


  • The antidote to the new Blood Tablets is Yuki's Blood, which Aido suggested to be created as a Blood Tablet as well.


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