Invasion into the Association is the eighty second chapter in the Vampire Knight manga.


Kaname uses one of the hunters to enter the association while the other hunters try to capture him with nets. He then senses the aura of the Ancestress, and that her deposit was underground. Zero shows up dressed in his vet, and has Bloody Rose attack Kaname. Kaname stops Bloody Rose and angers Zero who sees that he's always had others obey him to get what he wants. Kaname admits that Bloody Rose was the first weapon he made from the deposit and Zero doesn't care about Kaname's unpleasant past, and that now he is the master of the weapon, and that he is the master of himself. 

The vines of Bloody Rose encircle Kaname who states if Zero won't become his weapon, he won't be killed by him. Kaien is angry with Yagari that he can't provoke the hunters not to do their job and that he hasn't done his either. Yagari makes a comeback saying Kaien hasn't done his job, such as putting the Pureblood Sara in the association. Kaname dodges the vines which come at him in the feral form of a wolf. Kaname then tells Zero he still holds his poison within him and that the Pureblood always controls the poison within the body and that Zero should remember that. Yuki arrives before Ruka and Akatsuki and wishes Ruka to set herself free from her burden with Kaname. Ruka watches as a window breaks and Kaname's hands clutch Zero's throat. Kaname asks Zero, "Is it enough?" of him taking out his poison. Ruka stops Kaname from stabbing Zero by shielding Zero from harm. Yuki watches with an upset expression and Akatsuki rushes to Ruka.

Characters Who Appeared in OrderEdit

  1. Kaname Kuran
  2. Zero Kiryu
  3. Ruka Souen
  4. Akatsuki Kain
  5. Yuki Kuran
  6. Kaien Cross
  7. Toga Yagari

Memorable QuotesEdit

  • "I am the master of myself." -Zero
  • "I have to go to his side." Yuki
  • "You still have my poison inside you..." Kaname
  • "Please return that gentle person that relies on you back to me..." Yuki



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