I Will Succeed You is the eighty fifth chapter in the Vampire Knight manga.


The parent metal blocks Kaname and Yuki, and grabs hold of their weapons as the Association begins to collapse. It's absorbing its children, and desiring power. Sara plummets to the ground, while Zero wonders aloud if the metal intends to take back its fragments. The Ancestress's spirit appears and tries grabbing Artemis, which Yuki grasps tightly, and Zero saves Yuki before she was almost killed by the metal. Zero states the targets are the weapons and the Purebloods and Yuki sees the parent metal encircle Kaname. The Ancestress says she can't allow herself to cool down at a fast rate, and she can't die until all Purebloods who draw others into the darkness are killed.

Kaname tells her 10,000 years is sufficient for all she's done so she can rest in peace. He will succeed her, and with a sympathetic look, the Ancestress caresses Kaname with the palm of her hand before she rests in peace. Takuma brings Sara to the Academy's roof, watching the Association crumble. Sara asks Takuma to look at the ugliness of Purebloods, at the end of the Ancestress who turned into a monster, and at the fool Kaname, who contines to advert his eyes from salvation (Yuki) yet again. 

Kaname is shown leaving Yuki behind again, and Sara asks if Takuma, whose heart was captured by a Pureblood, will watch Kaname whether he succeeds or fails. Takuma sees that his feelings were manipulated by Sara from the start and Sara kisses Takuma who looks shocked and Sara says there was never a real love between them, and she dies, breaking into a heap of crystals. Takuma pledges to watch Kaname's further actions, and Yuki takes Zero's hand stating she and Zero will chase Kaname, since she doesn't want to see another vampire go on a rampage again.

Characters In Order of AppearanceEdit

  1. Sara Shirabuki
  2. Takuma Ichijo
  3. Zero Kiryu
  4. Yuki Kuran
  5. Kaname Kuran
  6. Toga Yagari
  7. Seiren
  8. Kaien Cross
  9. The Hooded Woman

Memorable QuotesEdit

"I wasn't born to become like this!" -Sara Shirabuki

"Look carefully Takuma.... Look carefully at the ugliness of Pureblood Vampires.... Look at the end of the Ancestor who has turned into a mere monster. And look at the foolishness, where he continues to advert his eyes from the light...from "Salvation" again." -Sara Shirabuki

"As I thought there's no such thing as normal love here." -Sara Shirabuki



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