Pursuer is the eighty sixth chapter in the Vampire Knight manga.


Yuki tells the sleeping Yori she won't erase her memories and leaves the Academy to find Zero at the gate waiting for her. Yuki is wearing the key that Kaname gave her, and remembers when the Ancestress went on a rampage, the Association collapsed and Yagari shielded Seiren from boulders. The Night Class promises to assist Yuki in any way they can, and Aido requests Yuki to ask Kaname why his father had to die. Just as they're about to leave, Kaito holds Kaien's aniti-vampire sword and has a brief fight with Zero and can't understand why he's leaving his post as a hunter to go off with a Pureblood. 

Zero says he understands that Kaito hasn't found an emotional outlet like he has, and it doesn't matter if he's betraying the hunters and leaving, he wants answers and will go of his own decision. Zero remembers Ichiru's words "Live on, and fulfill your goal..". Yuki carries Zero away as Kaito sends them off. Kaien and Yagari watch, and Kaien tells Yagari that he too can grasp the sunlight through the trees. Kaito sees that since Zero's found his resolve, then prove that he can overcome the pain of losing someone to a Pureblood. 

Yuki and Zero hitch a ride up the mountain to the Kuran Mansion, and Yuki wants Zero to take better care of his bandaged hand since it's healing at a slow pace. Yuki unlocks the front door, and wants to be clear to Zero about their relationship. She can't stay with Zero because she's a Pureblood that belongs with Kaname. But Zero adds in she's also the one who saved him with her hands. Zero wonders if the night they met was a setup and Yuki is hurt when he says they could have been manipualted by Kaname.

Characters In Order of AppearanceEdit

  1. Yuki Kuran
  2. Sayori Wakaba
  3. Zero Kiryu
  4. Toga Yagari
  5. Seiren
  6. Hanabusa Aido
  7. Kaito Takamiya
  8. Kaien Cross

Memorable QuotesEdit

"I won't erase your memories. Forgive my selfishness, Yori-chan. I want you to remember me." -Yuki Kuran

"No matter how dim the sunlight flittering through the trees is, you can still try your best to grasp it." -Kaien Cross

"If you've found your reslove, then bravely face the pain, Zero. And prove that you're able to overcome it." -Kaito Takamiya

"Until now, what we thought and what we felt..... How can you say it wasn't orchestrated?" -Zero Kiryu



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