Determination at Age 17 is the eighty eighth chapter in the Vampire Knight manga.


Yuki and Zero chase after Kaname who appears before Isaya, who knew he'd eventually become a target anyway. He tells Kaname the remaining Purebloods will be difficult to annihilate with so few remaining weapons. Kaname reveals he can't turn Yuki human any longer since he will become the new parent metal. Rima and Senri block Yuki and Zero from disturbing Isaya and Kaname's private conversation, Isaya seems to promise Kaname he will turn Yuki human when the time is ripe. Kaname escapes with Rima, Senri and Takuma as Zero sees it's nearly impossible to stop Kaname if all he does is escape before they can catch him.

Later, Zero gets dressed as Yuki recalls the night a year ago, when Zero rejected a girl who asked to dance with him, and wonders aloud what would it have been like if they met as humans. She would've seen Zero as her senpai, who would've still been enemies with Kaname. She would have cared and treated Zero's wound the night before the dance saying fighting isn't good and wonders if anything would've happened after that. Yuki wonders what the 17 year old human Yuki would've done. Zero replies she's wrong and that they never would've met if they were human. Yuki then bites Zero and sees he still loves her and takes away his memories of her since she's going after Kaname to turn him human.

Characters In Order of AppearanceEdit

Memorable QuotesEdit

  • "...You know, ever since the masquerade, it has been on my mind. If...You were not a hunter nor I a vampire. If we met as totally normal human beings. How would we turn out to know? Would I have thought, honestly, that 'You were so cool'? You wouldn't have had to stay back a year so you'd be a year ahead I guess but you'd definitely not get along with Kaname Onii-Sama. On the day before the Dance Festival, I would coincidentally find 'Zero-Sempai' who had gotten himself all bloody because of a fight and I bet, I will pass you a band-aid saying 'It's not good to fight,' and become angry...While mad at you I would take care of your wounds 'Zero-Sempai' would get taken care of obediently and then...I wonder what would happen after that...Or perhaps nothing will come out of that...The Human...17-year old Yuki what would she have done?"- Yuki Kuran to Zero
  • "...You're really an idiot. In the first place if we were both humans we would not have any links. Stop indulging in delusions that will never happen in reality. Let's go now."-  Zero Kiryu to Yuki



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