Vampire Knight: Cross Academy Broadcasting Club - Un-aired Collection (ヴァンパイア騎士 黒主学園放送部・未公開集, Vanpaia Naito Kurosu Gakuen Housou Bu - Mi Koukai Shuu) is a CD releasing the Vampire Knight web radio show.

The web radio show features the voice actors performing as their characters for a Cross Academy radio broadcast.

Release information Edit

The web radio show originally broadcast beginning July 7, 2008. The show as announced alongside the announcement that the Vampire Knight anime series would have a second season.[2]

The "Un-aired Collection" CD was released February 2009. The CD and the web radio show are available only in Japanese.

Contents Edit

Track listing:

  1. Kuran Kaname
  2. Ichijou Takuma
  3. Kiryuu Zero
  4. Kain Akatsuki
  5. Ichijou Takuma 2
  6. Aidou Hanabusa
  7. Shiki Senri
  8. Kiryuu Zero 2
  9. Ichijou Takuma 3
  10. Aidou Hanabusa 2
  11. Shiki Senri & Tooya Rima
  12. Kain Akatsuki & Kuran Kaname
  13. Kuran Kaname & Cross Kaien

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References Edit

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