The Fake Lovers (偽りの恋人 Itsuwari no Ravazu) is the nineteenth episode of the Vampire Knight Series.



Kaname orders several Night Class students to become Yuki's guards after his decision to take Yuki as his lover, much to the dismay of the other Night Class students. Yuki has nightmares and sees images of blood on everything she touches and vague memories begin to appear in her mind due to Rido's proximity. When Yuki collapses, she is taken to the infirmary, where Ichiru attempts to make Yuki drink a vial of blood while she is unconscious, although he is stopped by Aido, one of Yuki's guards, before completing the act. Yuki hesitantly meets with Kaname during a break, with Zero standing guard, still yearning for answers for her past despite the awkwardness of the meeting. Yuki and Headmaster Cross try to invite Ichiru to dinner in an attempt to have Zero and Ichiru reconcile their differences. However, Yuki's brief mention of Ichiru at the infirmary infuriates Zero, causing Ichiru to leave with the thought that his path cannot be changed. In the last scene, Rima is seen on a couch in the foyer of the moon dorm, then Shiki and Ichijo arrive. Rima is shocked to see Shiki with different colored eyes, realizing that another being is possessing Shiki.



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