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Episode 20: The Thorny Kiss

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The Thorny Kiss (茨の口づけ Ibara no Kisu) is the twentieth episode of Vampire Knight Series.


Rido in Shiki's body appears in this scene, with one blue eye and one red eye. Kaname tries to harm him, but Takuma protects Shiki. Yuki has nightmares about Rido. Rido, in Shiki's body, tries to hit on Ruka but Akatsuki prevents him from doing so. Yuki approaches Kaname again, begging for her memories. Yuki has hallucinations in front of Kaname and says "Why do you always look so sad when you are with me?" before fainting in Kaname's arms. Kaname brings Yuki back to Kaien Cross's house. Chairman Cross then decides that the time has come for Yuki to be awoken to her vampire state. When Yuki wakes up in a room, she has hallucinations of blood all over the room. Zero comes in to check on her, and Yuki suddenly pins him to the ground and strangles him. After Yuki talks to him, telling him that she was only using Zero for her own selfish acts, Zero says that from what she is saying she sounds like she really does need him. Zero says though that the one she actually needs is Kaname and not him. Yuki then shoos him out of the room and cries behind the door. The window opposite the door then opens in a gust of wind, with Kaname standing there. Yuki gets a shock, then runs toward Kaname and cries in his arms. Zero, disturbed by the sound of Yuki crying, races back to Yuki's room, and sees that Kaname by this time has erased the hallucinations from Yuki's mind and is now unconscious. Kaname carries Yuki bridal-style out of the window, looking behind him and saying that he will not betray Zero. Kaname then goes out the window and brings Yuki to the rooftop. While she is still unconscious,he bites her neck. Yuki wakes up from this startled and tries to resist but Kaname does not stop. Yuki then goes unconscious again and Kaname bites his wrist. Kaname then transfers his blood to Yuki through her mouth as a kiss. (This is why the episode is called "The Thorny Kiss"). Kaname then asks Yuki if she knows who he is. However, Zero from a higher level of the building saw Kaname drink Yuki's blood and aims his Bloody Rose down at Kaname. Yuki rushes and blocks Zero where she claims that Kaname is her "onii-sama" (brother) and apologizes to Zero before she faints into Kaname's arms. Kaname holds Yuki tightly and then tells Zero as he walks off with Yuki in his arms that he would have been happier if he was born as Yuki's real brother.



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