The Spiral of Recollection (追憶の螺旋 Tsuioku no Supairaru) is the 21st episode of Vampire Knight.



Kaname reveals to Zero that Yuki is the Pureblood Princess of the Kuran family before carrying her off, leaving Zero unable to shoot the Bloody Rose at either vampire as he was in shock. Yuki recalls her past, that Kaname was her brother, and her mother and father sacrificed themselves so that Rido would not be able to harm Yuki. Yuki's mother used her remaining life to seal away Yuki's memories as a vampire, also turning her daughter into a human. The smell of blood alerts the other vampires of the Night Class that Yuki is, in fact, a Pureblooded vampire. Kaname explains that Yuki is also his fiancee, as long as she chooses to remain so. Upon awakening, Yuki drinks Kaname's blood to revitalize herself and recalls that her mother and father were also siblings, and that Pureblood vampires often marry within the family to maintain the Pureblood blood line. She is shocked by the fact that they were killed and shatters the glass in the room out of anger. Kaname orders that the day students are to be kept in their dorms, guarded by the vampires who can appear in the sunlight, among them an apologetic Ruka, still hoping to prove her value to Kaname. Meanwhile, Rima battles Rido, in the body of Shiki. Just as she is about to lose to Rido, she calls out to Shiki within him, awakening Shiki and momentarily suppressing Rido. Yuki decides she wants to speak with Zero and escapes her room, ordering the guards that Kaname has placed for her protection - Hanabusa Aido and Akatsuki Kain, to let her go to the Day Class' Dorm (where Zero is). Despite Yuki's conscience telling her that she is now a monster that Zero loathes, and her actions to speak with him would be futile, she proceeds. As she approaches Zero's room, she hears Zero point the Bloody Rose at her through the closed door to his room.




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