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Episode 22: Revival of the Emperor

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Revival of the Emperor (復活の狂王 Fukkatsu no Enpera) is the 22nd episode of the Vampire Knight Series.



Zero points his Bloody Rose at Yuki, saying all he can sense is a Pureblood vampire that like to toy with others on the other side of his door. Hurt by Zero's words, Yuki says that her awakening as a Pureblood has destroyed the human side of her; however, it's a lie, her feelings remains unchanged. She runs from the building, and Aido follows to bring her shoes so she does not hurt her feet. Yuki ignores him initially, but finally stops after hearing him call her "Lady Yuki", something that disturbs her; she'd much prefer his previous rude way of addressing her. As Aido puts on her shoes, Yuki begins crying from the pain Zero has caused her, something Aido says is unusual to see a Pureblood vampire do. Yuki says that only being allowed to cry in your heart sounds like a punishment. Meanwhile, Kaname goes to where Rido is being kept and finds Ichiru there. As Ichiru opens the coffin, Kaname tells him that usually, hunter twins will kill their sibling while still in the womb, and that Ichiru is the first he has met to have been born with his twin. Kaname stabs himself to get Rido the blood he needs to revive. Since Rido is the "master" who awakened him, he cannot truly kill him. Meanwhile, the Chairman and Yagari meet on school grounds, but Zero interrupts, trying to get Yagari to kill him, as he cannot stand Yuki being a Pureblood. Yagari refuses, throwing Zero to the floor and leaving him there wallowing in his agony over Kaname and Yuki.


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