Gunshot of Grief (嘆きの銃声 Nageki no Juusei) is the eight episode of the Vampire Knight Series.


Kaname and Yuki are recalling memories when they encountered each other the night Yuki first offered Zero her blood. Zero is recalling what Kaname told him about him letting Zero live because he will never betray Yuki.

Ichijo checks up on Kaname, but finds him in his room, refusing to come out. The other Night Class students gather, worried, but Ichijo reassures them that Kaname is probably just thinking. A servant comes and hands Ichijo a note, saying that his grandfather, Ichiou, is coming for a visit. This news causes Ichijo to completely panic. That night, everyone gathers to greet Ichiou as he comes, as well as Kaname. Ichiou nearly draws blood from Kaname, but Ruka and Aido stop him. Aido tells Ichiou that drawing blood from a Pureblood is a vampire's greatest taboo, but Kaname slaps him for that. Later, Ruka offers her blood to Kaname, but he refuses. Ruka cries into Akatsuki's shirt, thinking she'll never understand Kaname's thoughts. As Ichiou leaves, he tells Ichijo privately to serve Kaname well, and to keep an eye on him. Ichijo replies that he will never harm Kaname. Yuki and Zero show up, and after a brief encounter with Kaname, take Ichiou to the Chairman's Office. Zero is told by Chairman Cross that the Hunters' Association wants him to track down a Level E vampire that has already killed four teenage girls. Zero is given no choice, and the next day, he sets out. However, Yuki spots him, and secretly follows him, wondering what he is doing. Shiki and Rima also show up, conversing with each other that the Council of Elders wanted them to track down the ex-human vampire, and then they see Zero doing the same. They realize it's a race. As Zero confronts the ex-human vampire, the vampire tells Zero how it feels to sink his fangs into a human's neck, bringing up bad memories for Zero. The vampire escapes before Zero can do anything, and comes upon Yuki with Shiki and Rima behind her. Shiki tries to kill the vampire using his "blood whip", but the vampire is too quick. Yuki runs to try and find Zero. Through the raven's eyes, a mysterious girl claims that she will start attending Cross Academy, while stating that Zero looks very cute now, and that Yuki looks very delicious. Next to her, a masked man listens with jealousy.

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