Hanadagi (縹木) was a Pureblood vampire and Head of the Hanadagi family, awakened by Sara Shirabuki after centuries of sleeping. He was shortly killed by his fellow Pureblood Kaname Kuran.


Hanadagi is shown to have messy and long, light hair, along with tan skin.


He had no qualms about attempting to forcefully take Nagamichi Aido's blood in order to regenerate and take his memories through using his Pureblood powers of control, implying a cold-hearted and somewhat ruthless side of his personality. He shows some forms of disdain over Sara Shirabuki killing the Pureblood Lord, Ouri, stating that she must be a great deceiver to be able to do so.


Hanadagi and his family had been sleeping for a hundred years, intending to sleep for five hundred when Kaname sent Ruka and Kain to seek them out.


Hanadagi was disturbed in his sleep by Sara, who awakened him in his coffin by pulling out his heart with Nagamichi Aido as a witness to the events. Hanadagi retaliates by tearing off her arm before Sara escapes. Hanadagi begins forcing Nagamichi Aido to give his life and blood as to strengthen his weakened state without a heart, also wanting to absorb Aido's memories, but before he can do so, Kaname arrives and interferes, plunging his anti-vampire sword into Hanadagi, killing him.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Like all Purebloods, Hanadagi is immortal and able to heal from anything except for an anti-vampire weapon attack to the heart or the head.





His wife was seen at the masquerade and collaborated with Toma to eliminate Kaname.

In his family name Hanadagi, hanada means "bright light blue" and gi means "tree".



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