The Hanadagi family have been in hibernation for 100 years and intend to sleep for 400 more years, currently protected by their bodyguard. Kaname has been keeping watch on the family for unknown reasons.

The Head of the family was killed by Kaname Kuran in 67th Night after he tried to make Nagamichi Aido follow his command of giving him blood, following Sara Shirabuki's attack on him. Following Kaname and Sara's attack, the wife (who is now the current head of the family) awoken and joined the search to finding Kaname. She first appears at the masquerade ball held by Isaya Shoto. When the other vampires noticed the disappearance of Isaya, along with Yuki and Zero running toward where Isaya is, she informed the vampires that Kaname is here and they must not let him escape. Later on, the wife collaborated with Toma along with the other remaining pureblood to eliminate Kaname for his betrayal. It is unknown if she survived the attack when Kaname's heart was thrown into the furnace and became the new source for the origin metal.