This details the relationship between Haruka Kuran and Juri Kuran, members of the Kuran family. The two were siblings, spouses, and lovers. They were also the parents of Kaname Kuran and Yuki Kuran.


Juri was always a headstrong woman who got what she wanted, like going to a normal school to see what it was like. Haruka was always quiet but quite persistent when he wanted to have a relationship with Juri. Both of them were pacifist and followed their father's lead of co-existence between vampires and humans. This trait was then passed down to their children.


Since childhood, Juri Kuran had been fought over by both of her older brothers, Haruka and Rido. Although she never approved of a marriage to one of her brothers as a young girl, she eventually warmed up to Haruka after he insisted on annoying her until she finally loved him the way he loved her.


Haruka and Juri's Final Goodbye

Throughout the 3000 years of their life, they had two children, Kaname and Yuki. Unfortunately, when Kaname was a baby, Rido sacrificed him to awaken the ancestor Kaname who then reversed to baby form and took baby Kaname's place. Despite losing their real son, Haruka and Juri raised Kaname the same as they would their own child.

When Rido declared war on them, Haruka bravely went out to fight him but died in the process. At that point, Juri found out that Haruka supported her decision (sacrificing her life to transform Yuki into a normal human girl). She sacrificed her life and erased Yuki's memories by sealing Yuki's vampire genes. Thus came to an end two of the most powerful vampires of their generation.

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