Jinmu is a minor character in Vampire Knight.


Jinmu appears old, with a scarred face and fair hair.


Jinmu is an older, grouchy, old-school Vampire Hunter and shares the standard perspective with hunters that vampires are not to be trusted. He remains loyal to the Association rather than individuals in doing his duty.



Jinmu's first appearance is during the visit of Yuki Cross and Zero Kiryu to the Vampire Hunter association headquarters, when he quickly deduces that Zero has been tamed by Yuki. He becomes amused by Yuki's fierce defense against Jinmu's mocking[1]. Jinmu later reappears in support of the association's attack on Cross Academy and later arrests Kaien Cross for his part in creating the Night Class[2].

After the following year, Jinmu is once again working with Kaien Cross and Toga Yagari. He questions Zero's appointment as the next president of the association, particularly in light of his connection with Yuki Kuran, but it surprised him when Zero agrees with him[3].

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

As a Vampire Hunter, Jinmu will have the standard vampire hunter powers of sensing vampires and accelerated healing but has not yet demonstrated these powers, or any other powers as of yet.





He ends up growing a beard.


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