Juri Kuran had a great influence on Kaien Cross's life. She is the person he credits with turning him from a cold blooded vampire hunter into actually caring about vampires. Kaien thinks of both Yuki and Zero as his precious ones.



Juri and Kaien's First Meeting

Juri and Kaien had a rocky start to their relationship when Juri comes across Kaien killing a vampire, she overhears his plan to destroy all vampires. Kaien responds by attacking her and she beats him easily. Juri makes Kaien incredibly angry, but is interrupted by Haruka. Kaien states that he discovered love at first sight then, but may not be referring to a romantic love. However, in the Vampire Knight Official Fanbook, the author states that Kaien respects Juri and his taste in women: "She's already married, so..." which might possibly imply Juri since she was already married to Haruka at the time. Juri went as far as to inviting him to live with them as she feared he would sink lower. However, they lost touch and Kaien does indeed sink deeper into darkness as he decides to kill the Kurans and they only re-established their relationship when Kaien attacked her when she attempted to seek him out. She made him promise to establish her school for vampires and humans. After Yuki was born, Juri again approached Kaien and he finally retired from being a hunter. After Juri and Haruka's death, he lamented that he did not take photos of his beloved ones.
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Key chaptersEdit

  • 45th Nigh
  • Side Chapter - Silly Ramblings by a Certain Photo-loving Person

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