Kasumi Kageyama (影山 霞 Kageyama Kasumi) is a student of the Day Class at Cross Academy and the president of Yuki's class.


He has dark brown hair and wears glasses. He wears his uniform properly.


Kasumi seems to be a very strict and orderly person who would do anything to get what he needs out of life. He can be rather dramatic, shown when he agitatedly called Yuki out on her poor grades and became flustered around Ruka.


Not much is known about him. He has been attending Cross Academy long enough to become familiar with Yuki and several other students.


He is in love with Ruka Souen and shows it to her, but Ruka has no interest in him. During St. Xocolotls day, he tried to give Ruka some chocolates, which she had no choice but to accept. At the social ball, he had asked Ruka to dance with him but she denied his request, saying that she did not want to dance with someone she doesn't know. When Ichiru arrived at the academy, the president was told to take care of him. He is also quite easy to be/feel flattered such as when Ichiru Kiryu praised him in Vampire Knight Guilty.


Ruka SouenEdit

He had strong feelings for Ruka which she did not return. After his memory was erased he had no knowledge of her existence until she returned to the Academy for Kaname. When he laid eyes on her he remembered her because of his feelings for her.



The voice actor for the anime also did the class rep for Fruits Basket.

In his family name, kage means "shadow" and yama means "mountain". His first name, Kasumi means "haze" or "mist".


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