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The Kuran Family was one of the first Pureblood families from the Vampire Knight series created by Matsuri Hino, and is one of the only Pureblood families remaining.

Kuran Family

Juri, Kaname, Yuki, and Haruka Kuran

Overall view Edit

The Kuran family are friendly and don't misuse their status but there's an exception. It's also notable that they inter-marry, more commonly known as incest. Siblings usually marry each other and the chain continues. Nevertheless there are exceptions because Rido was engaged to Shizuka Hio, a Pureblood from another family. The Kurans were royalty until three generations ago when the last King of the Kurans, Yuki's grandfather created the Vampire Council as a system which allowed vampires to go on existing and maintain balance between vampires and humans. The King's wish for peace also lived on in two of the youngest children, who both associated with humans and wished for peace between the races.

Other vampires respect them and call them "-sama" which is a Japanese honorific that means the one who calls someone like that respects the person very much.

Appearance Edit

The Kurans usually have reddish brown or brown eyes except Rido Kuran who has heterochromia (his right eye is brown, as with most Kuran members, but his left eye is icy-blue). They also have dark brown hair and dress in an older manner except Kaname and Yuki, who were born recently (compared to other vampires who live very long like Juri Kuran and Haruka Kuran who were their parents and lived about 3000 years or more).

History before the series Edit

Before the series, the Kuran family consisted of  Rido, Haruka, Juri, Kaname, and Yuki. Yuki was hidden from the world because her parents (Haruka and Juri) feared that she would be used by the vampire council. Kaname,
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Kuran Family ---L.c.

the "true" brother of Yuki, was taken by Rido (elder brother of Haruka and Juri), who sacrificed the newborn Kaname to resurrect the Ancestor Kaname. Rido did this so he could drink the blood of the Ancestor to gain more power, but, he fails and is knocked out by the Ancestor. Ancestor Kaname's body was incomplete, therefore he had to turn himself into a newborn baby, and in the process he erases his memories so Haruka and Juri can raise him in place of their old child. When Yuki was born, Kaname falls in love with her instantly and feels the need to protect her. Kaname and Yuki shared a tight bond as children and promised each other they would always be together. However, Rido is back and ready for a replacement. It was revealed that he was in love with Juri and wanted Yuki as a compensation. Haruka fought him, but, despite Kaname's offer to help, he fights Rido alone. Unfortunately, he dies after his brother used a Vampire Hunter's weapon against him. Meanwhile, Juri sacrifices herself to seal Yuki's vampire side. After it was done, a Level E arrives and tries to feed off her, but Kaname stops him.   


  • Kuran (玖蘭) is a combination of the old fashioned way of writing ku, meaning nine and ran meaning orchid.


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