Nadeshiko Shindo (新藤 撫子, Shindō Nadeshiko) is a minor human character who is a Day Class student who appears in the Vampire Knight Manga. She has her own story in the second novel.


Shindo braids her long hair into two low pigtails and she has clips in her hair. She also wears glasses. Shindo's hair color is a very light brown which almost looks blonde, and her eye color is blue.



Plot Edit

Shindo is first seen on St. Xocolatl's Day/Valentine's Day, when the Day Class girls stand outside the Night Class. She attempts the climb the wall to get into the Moon Dormitory, but falls; Zero manages to catch her before this happens. Zero rebuffs her repeated efforts to get close to him. The ignorant girl attempts to give him chocolates--unaware of his current state of bloodlust-- and Zero barks at her to leave him alone. She comes across him in a side story in the stables and later tries to ask him to dance during the ball. She is not seen again until after the battle with Rido's vampire servants is over, and is one of the girls who speaks up for the Night Class.

Shindo is one of the many voices of the Day Class girls who voted for not forgetting the Night Class' secret: being vampires.It is assumed that she has romantic feelings for Zero because he saved her once.


Zero KiryuEdit

She has taken interest in him ever since he saved her in the 2nd night. During the ball, she asked him for a dance but Zero refuses, saying that he's busy.



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