The Vampire Knight and the Vampire Knight: Guilty Opening and Ending sequences are preformed by ON/OFF (the openings) and Kanon Wakeshima (the endings). The first opening changes multiple times, with the video in it. In one episode, it starts early, with the full version's beginning, and has a bell ringing, representing Shizuka's death.


Vampire Knight Opening - HQ01:30

Vampire Knight Opening - HQ

Vampire Knight Opening- Futatsu no Kodou to Akai Tsumi

Vampire Knight Guilty Opening01:40

Vampire Knight Guilty Opening

Vampire Knight: Guilty Opening- Rinne : Rondo


Vampire Knight Ending HD 1080p01:31

Vampire Knight Ending HD 1080p

Vampire Knight Ending- Still Doll

Vampire Knight Guilty Ending HD 1080p01:34

Vampire Knight Guilty Ending HD 1080p

Vampire Knight: Guilty Ending - Suna No Oshiro

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