Ren Kiryu is the only son of Yuki Kuran and Zero Kiryu. He is an aristocrat due to his mother being a Pureblood vampire and his father an ex-human vampire. He appears at the end of Chapter 93 with his older half-sister to give Yuki's final message to Kaname when he wakes up from his 1000 year slumber.


Ren is handsome young man with silver hair and lavender eyes like his father Zero. He also bears a close resemblance to his uncle Ichiru.


While his interactions are limited in the extras, he has been shown to have a calm demeanor and will speak up whenever his sister has difficulty expressing herself. He appears to have a good typical sibling relationship with Ai as they both are shown scolding one another. While calm in nature like his father, Zero, Ren does not appear to have Zero's stoicism as he is shown smiling and joking around with Ai. However, while he seems to have inherited his playful side from his mother, Yuki, his blunt nature definitely resembles a teenage Zero as he states whatever Ai has difficulty expressing.


Ren appears at Kaname's resting place along with Ai and his mother Yuki. He and his sister watch their mother give her life to Kaname to turn him into a human. Ren finished Ai's phrase that she passed as a message from their mother to her father "I want to give to you, whom I love, the world that I saw when I was a human".

Ren was born after the events in the extra chapter Life.

In the extra I Like You, Ren and his sister Ai in the end told Kaname the story of the last thousand years, but Kaname had lost much of his memory that he wasn't responding to anything they were saying. As he laid down on the ground, Ai began saying that she did not want Kaname to live the rest of his life not remembering his past. At this point, Kaname embraces them both and asked them to tell the story of the past millennium once again.

His name was revealed in third extra chapter.

In the fourth extra chapter, Between The End Of Life And Heaven, Ai had told Ren that they weren't supposed to tell Kaname that Yuki "exists inside of him," but Ren did not regret mentioning any of it for he wanted to see Kaname's reaction. He then says that even though there was no point in shaking him up, he couldn't help but bait him despite the fact that Kaname has no memories. Ai then proceeds to wrap her arms around Ren's arm and tells him that they don't know what Kaname is thinking or feeling, that Ren wants to understand that by just observing him. Ai mentions that she has heard things about Kaname from Yuki and Zero but she still cannot believe them, to which Ren responds with a "there must be things you don't want to believe." Ai takes note of Kaname listening to them closely when they speak, that once in awhile he'll ask a question and when they answer him, Kaname becomes silent and listens to them again, to which Ren agrees. Ren then says that he is glad that Ai was not disappointed when meeting her father because he was thinking that she might have a disagreeable nature. Ai tells Ren that he himself has been thinking that he dislikes Kaname to which Ren replies with a serious face saying "I'm still not sure.." That all he thought was that Kaname's hand was very gentle. They both then realize that they've been reflecting too much and Ren asks if they should go back and talk to Kaname again. Ai agrees and says she doesn't want to leave him alone either because from what she's heard, Kaname gets lonely very easily.


  • Ren's name has a similar meaning to his sister, Ai. While Ai's name represents affectionate love, Ren's name is written with the Kanji which is associated with romantic love (恋, koi).



  1. In the beginning of the Extra Chapter: Between the End of Life and Heaven Zero dies by shielding a pregnant Yuki from a gunshot, and Yuki mentions: "shortly after that leaving her place in the world just like Zero" - meaning that, compared to Ai, Ren is quite young.


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