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Seiren (星煉, Seiren) is a student of the Night Class at Cross Academy. She is Kaname Kuran's unofficial bodyguard and faithful follower.

The meaning of her name: sei means "star" and ren means "To smelt" or "refine." Ren is also the same kanji used in rengoku, or "purgatory".




Seiren is a tall woman and has a pale complexion, shared by many of the Night Class vampires. Her hair is silver to pale violet in color and matches her eyes. Her bangs stop just above her eyebrows and are short in length.

Personality Edit

Seiren seems to be a no-nonsense type of girl, and can always be trusted to get her job done. She can seem cold, but is very loyal. She is a very quiet and enigmatic character who only speaks when necessary. Seiren may come across as harsh at first, and she can get irritated very quickly. Some say she can be a little too serious. Once Seiren befriends a person, she will defend them to her last breath. It is not wise to threaten her or others she knows, as she will kill without hesitation. As Aido points out, Seiren has never been known to lie.


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Seiren is usually the first to defend Kaname from anyone she regards as a threat. For example, she barely refrains from killing Zero Kiryu when he points the Bloody Rose at Kaname[2]. Seiren also appears to serve Kaname in the capacity of a spy or informant. She is often seen in the background ever watching for danger or hidden to retrieve information which makes her mostly a loner. After Rido Kuran was killed, Seiren continues following her master, Kaname. Seiren is a highly trusted vampire, as when Kaname and Yuki return to the Kuran mansion in secret, Seiren is already there having prepared their quarters.


Seiren is first seen following Kaname as he accepts gifts from a crowd of admirers. In every appearance, her role is usually to assist Kaname in some way. After Kaname sacrificed himself, she continued to serve Yuki. However, she did not appear alongside Yuki when Kaname was turned into a human, which could indicate that she is no longer in the service of the Kuran family and has gone her own way.

Powers & Abilities Edit

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Seiren's quick reflexes

Seiren's main choice of weapon is her body. Being highly skilled at various martial arts as well as ninja-like weapons, Seiren is able to quickly subdue multiple opponents. In fact, she mostly acts similar to a ninja when it comes to her "job", and is very agile. Also, as a vampire she possesses the ability to erase minds and put people to sleep when ordered (though this is a common ability for all vampires). She also has the ability to heal very quickly.


Kaname Kuran Seiren is fiercely loyal to Kaname, and serves him as his unofficial bodyguard. Kaname greatly trusts her and sometimes relies on her to obtain valuable information.

Toga Yagari In 86th Night, for some reason, Toga rescues her from the rubble.

Yagari and Seiren (93th Night)

With Toga (93th Night)

In 93rd Night, they are shown together. Perhaps this is a hint that they became a couple.


  • "Kaname-sama, I'll hold those for you."
  1. In 93th Night, they are shown together. Perhaps this is a hint that they became a couple.
  2. Vampire Knight, 7th Night


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