Vampire Knight DS Voice CD (ヴァンパイア騎士DS Voice CD, Vanpaia Naito DS Boisu CD) is an audio drama CD for the Vampire Knight series. It is alternatively and officially referred to as the Situation Voice CD (シチュエーションボイスCD) since each character reacts to the same five situations.

Release informationEdit

Released with the Vampire Knight DS game. CD has been released in Japanese only.


The CD contains thirty tracks. Each of the characters has five tracks, one for each of the five situations.

The five situations used for the tracks are titled:[2]

  • "See you" (「いってらっしゃい」)
  • "Welcome back" (「おかえり」)
  • "Answering machine" (「留守電」)
  • "Scolding voice" (「おしかりボイス」)
  • "Sweet voice" (「スウィートボイス」)

The tracks are:

  • Tracks 1-5 - Zero Kiryu
  • Tracks 6-10 - Kaname Kuran
  • Tracks 11-15 - Takuma Ichijo
  • Tracks 16-20 - Hanabusa Aido
  • Tracks 21-25 - Akatsuki Kain
  • Tracks 26-30 - Senri Shiki


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