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Well, if you ask me i don't really get Kaname's plans...At first I thought he loves yuuki, then i thought that he decided to be her boyfriend only to protect her,but in the end of the anime series I thought he loves her. But he decided that his plans are more important then her (maybe he did it for her but i don't know yet,and ok maybe it was for her but he was really cruel ) and he leaves her without giving her a reason...about zero, i think he is a really kind person and i like him.He is always there for yuuki ... and when he said that they are enemies..well i guess he still loved her(actually i'm sure ) and he said it for her own sake...i can't say I'm a kaname x yuuki fan , neighter a zero x yuuki fan...i like the love thriangles but this time i think Zero deserves her more <3 Sorry if my english isn't perfect :*

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