Yuki Kuran

.The Kuran family are the royals of the vampire world. They are mentioned in Vampire Knight, Kaname,Yuki,Juri,Rido and  are the only family members metioned and they leave out the rest of the family including one of the daughters this will tell you all about the other members who were forgoten in the anime and manga.

The Lost Sister of the Kurans

Serenity Kuran was forgotten, when she was younger she was the perfect lady but felt rejected from her family, Kaname didnt want to know and neather did her parents. As the youngest she was entitled to nothing and had no betrothed from the family as Kaname was to marry Yuki. With no other son her parents didnt know what to do.many familys asked if there sons could marry her but katia refused saying she would marry no man who didnt have her heart. She was the spitting image of her older sister if only a year younger, but her beauty was more so. Although she looked just like her sister, her personality was anything but she was a flame, burning brighter than the sun. Her powers the double of her brother, but no one saw that they saw a younger sibling who needed a place in the world, a place with there son. so she ran away and that is why she is the lost sister of the Kurans.

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