Toma is a young, playful Pureblood vampire. He is the one who attacked Yuki Kuran in the manga.


Toma has light-coloured hair and eyes. He wears a white puffy shirt and a dark blue tie around the collar of the shirt, wearing black dress pants and a black top hat as well.


He acts childishly by having a bit of a fit when Yuki was comparing his bats to those of Kaname's and wanting to kill or "sharpen" his blades on her because of that.


Little is known about Toma other than the fact that he is presumably young and that he's a Pureblood vampire of the Toma family.


Toma is a childish looking Pureblood who attacks Yuki during her mission in 59th Night. He takes offense to her comment that his bats looks like Kaname's and declares himself much older, he attacks her on the premise that he enjoys "bloody violence" and wants her to get out of the way. Kaname's retribution at the castle of Toma has implications that it has violated the treaty between the vampires. Toma's attacks towards Yuki angered Kaname and soon Kaname attacks him violently in return. Later, when Kaien follows Kaname up and tends to fight him, he is surprised seeing that the one he attacks is not Kaname, but Toma, who is being Kaname's replacement to cover him up.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Toma possesses all the powers Purebloods have, such as immortality and the ability to heal from anything excluding anti-vampire weapons to the heart or head and transforming his body into bats.



In 61st night when Kaname attacks him, there is a young girl presumably around his age who bears a resemblance to him, she could probably be his sister.


"Well, TOO Bad." (To Yuki)

"So now he wants to be the hunter society's savior? He should have just remained a mass murderer. Isn't this the ultimate betrayal, lady?" (to another pureblood)

"An incredibly powerful and brutal weapon...damn you, Kaname Kuran!" (To himself)


He was kept in the Hunters' Association HQ after Kaien's encounter with Kaname.

He almost died when the Hooded Woman's origin metal comes out.

He was one of the purebloods that survived when Kaname's heart was used for the new origin metal.

In the family name Toma, to means "seville orange" and ma means "jasmine flower".



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