The Hunter Association's President is a minor character in Vampire Knight. As his title suggests, he was the former Hunters' Association President. Secretly, he was in league with the head of the old Vampire Council, Asato Ichijo. He is succeeded by two prominent hunters, Kaien Cross and Toga Yagari.


The president has the very ladylike appearance. He has olive green eyes, pale purple-grey hair that is partly tied up, and a light complexion. He wears long dresses and carries a fan, covering his mouth with it. When it is time, he has to drink a vampire's blood to maintain his beauty.


Not much is known about his origin or true name. It is in fact that he must have been a powerful hunter, as he attained the title of President. Secretly, he maintains his beautiful and feminine appearance by drinking the blood of vampires. He is stated to hate Kaname Kuran.


The president discusses Zero Kiryu with Kaien Cross and declines to protect him.The president conspired with Asato Ichijo, he maintains that his efforts were to ensure the protection of the vampire hunters, but in doing so, he also gained pure blood.

The Pureblood that he drank, however, asserted control over him instead, as Kaien discovers when the president is cut by a sword that can only hurt vampires. What he does not know is that he obtained Rido's Kuran blood which turned him into a vampire.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

It is not known what specific powers he has. However, as a vampire hunter, he has the ability to sense vampires and wield anti-vampire weapons.


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