Vampire Knight: Ice Blue Sin (ヴァンパイア騎士 憂氷の罪 Vanpaia Naito: Aisu Burū no Tsumi?) was written by Ayuna Fujisaki based on Matsuri Hino's Vampire Knight.

Release informationEdit

Publisher Language Release Date ISBN Number
Hakusensha Japanese August 5, 2005
ChuangYi English April 10, 2011
Viz Media English No release


Plot OutlineEdit

The first story within the novel looks at an incident that occurred at Cross Academy in the year preceding Yuki's arrival, while the second story details an accident that occurred while Zero was still in training to be a vampire hunter.

Characters who appearEdit

  • Fūka Kisaragi -- The main protagonist of the first story. She first appears trying to sneak into the Moon Dorm to give chocolates to Kaname for St. Xocolatl's Day. However, she is caught by Kaname, who simply states that he will keep her plan a secret, and tells Aido, Kain, Ruka, and Ichijo to escort her out. She is invited to come back to the Moon Dorm anytime she likes. But eventually, she overhears the Night Class's plan to use her in an experiment concerning blood tablets, as they are still in development at this time. Hearing that she is, in truth, a former human, she flees. Aido follows her, and explains to her that she was once in an accident, in which a Pureblood bit her and then suppressed her memories to save her life. (The name of the Pureblood is unknown, and there is no indication that it was Kaname or any of the known Purebloods.) Afterwards, Fūka accidentally drinks her roommate, Kanae's blood, and in horror runs to the Moon Dorm for help. Aido takes her away from the Dorm by Kaname's order, and after Ichijo and Shiki say that she had to be killed before falling to a Level E. Fūka then asks Aido to kill her, and, sadly, he grants her last wish. Before turning to dust she tells him that she loves him, and after she dies it begins to rain. Aido vows not to interfere with matters involving former humans again, and releases the last of the dust to be washed away.
  • Kanae -- Fūka's roommate. She is aware that Fūka has feelings for Kaname, but not about Aido. She is Fūka's first victim, and her memories were erased by the vampires. They explained to Fūka that she will believe that she slipped and hit her head coming out of the shower. What happens to her afterwards is unknown.
  • Kaito Takamiya -- One of the main protagonists of the second story. He was mentored by Yagari alongside Zero.


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