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Vampire Knight wiki has a strict, but pleasant policy regarding user pages. A user page is your profile on that wiki. It's for you to tell the world more about yourself, such as your interests and hobbies. It's a place where people can stumble upon it and read the contents, maybe learn more about yourself, and eventually become friends on Wikia. Of course, there are some limitations as to what to put on your profile.

Below is more information.

What is a User Page on Wikia?

A user page is your profile. You are given a default profile when you first join the wiki but you can edit it later to give it a more colorful and intricate look. A user page is a first glimpse that another user can see to know more about you. If you are a doctor's assistant, and you put it on your user page, a fellow user who looks at it will know your profession. Of course, you don't have to have a profile that's unique in its own way.

To change your profile, you must edit it, and editing a profile is no different than editing on articles, talk pages, blogs, ect.

People Who Can Edit Your Profile

The only real editor on your profile should be you, because your user profile is about you and no other. At times, when logging out, you may accidentally edit your profile as an anonymous user. Mistakes like that happen, though it must first be clarified before it can be changed.

However, occasionally your profile may be subject to spams or vandalism. If so, you may undo the bad edits immediately. Now, maybe another user sees this spamming or vandalism. They are allowed to edit your profile, but ONLY to undo the bad edits. That should be the only time another user can edit your profile.


Now, there are limitations as to what is allowed on your user page. While a profile is yours, and is something that is unique to you, it cannot contain material deemed unacceptable by an administrator or by other users. Now, users can report whether they are insulted or offended by what's on your profile. If so, and if their complaints are deemed reasonable, you will be asked to remove them.

Failure to comprehend may result in warnings and even a block.


  • Should not be in violation of any other policies we have on this wiki.
  • User Page should not contain any pornographic material. If such a thing is found, it will be removed and the user will be blocked without warning. A block of one year is the absolute minimum. No exceptions. If the user page is suggestive, depending on how others feel, it will or will not be removed. If people are very disturbed by it, you will receive a warning or a three-week block.
  • No advertising other wikis.
  • No racism, ethnic slurs, sexism, ship warring, ect.
  • There is to be NO fanon, or fan-fiction on your profile whatsoever. This wiki is not a fanon site. That is most definite and absolute.
  • Do not claim to be something you are not. For example, do not say you are an administrator if you are not one. That is considered unacceptable and you may be blocked for impersonation.
  • Profanity can be used. If it excesses, you will be warned.

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