Volume 1 is the 1st book released in the Vampire Knight series and includes 1st Night to 5th Night.

Japanese Volume ObiEdit

"The Cross Academy Night Class... This beautiful, elite group is actually made up of vampires!!"
— Yuki Cross, 1st Night

Release informationEdit

Publisher Language Release Date ISBN Number
Hakusensha Japanese July 10, 2005 978-4-592-18301-3
ChuangYi English February 10, 2007 978-981-269-421-8
Viz Media English January 2, 2007 978-1-4215-0822-1


  • Front Cover - Zero Kiryu, Kaname Kuran and Yuki Cross. Zero is covered in blood and Yuki holds the bloody rose.
  • Inner cover - Zero in profile looking to the left and Yuki looks down, holding Zero's tie in her right hand.
  • Back flap - Cover of chapter one.

Plot OutlineEdit

Yuki Cross's earliest memory is of a snowy night in winter, when she was attacked by one vampire and was saved by another, Kaname Kuran. Ten years later, Yuki is adopted as the daughter of the headmaster of Cross Academy and has grown up and become a prefect for the school with one main purpose: to protect the Human Day class student and the Vampire Night class students from each other. Her fellow guardian, Zero Kiryu, a childhood companion whose parents were killed by a pureblood vampire, is now determined to kill them all and refuses to trust them. Through a cruel twist of fate, Zero becomes a vampire himself, having been bitten by a pure-blood vampire four years before, Shizuka Hiou. Kaname leads the group of Night class, with the help of Takuma Ichijo. Zero's secret is brutally revealed when he finds himself unable to resist biting Yuki. Zero's guilt and pain forces him to try and run away, only to be stopped by Yuki who promises to kill him if the time comes. The headmaster performs a ritual for Yuki to tame Zero and Yuki seeks Kaname to implore with him to keep Zero's secret.

Book cover introductionsEdit

Chuang Yi MangaEdit

Her very first filled with snow, terror, blood and vampires. Menaced by a vampire and saved by another, she is an orphan who has been adopted by the Chairman of a prestigious boarding school called Cross Academy. Meet Yuki, a spirited girl who adores her saviour, the dashing vampire called Kaname. Yuki's friend, Zero, on the other hand, suffers from a bitter past and hates vampires to the core. What secrets lie behind his tortured eyes...?

Shojo Beat MangaEdit

Yuki Cross has no memory of her past prior to the moment she was saved from a vampire attack ten years ago. She was adopted by the headmaster of Cross Academy, and now works alongside Zero to guard the Academy's secret. Yuki believes that vampires and humans can coexist peacefully, but her partner has different ideas...



The volume contains a short extra called "Night Class" showing Kaname's punishment Aido for his transgression in chapter 5, Aido is made to balance a bucket full of water on his head.

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