Vampire Knight Vol. 12 is the twelfth volume of the Vampire Knight manga series.

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Publisher Language Release Date ISBN Number
Hakusensha Japanese July 5, 2010 978-4-592-19131-5
ChuangYi English October 19, 2010 978-9-814-29770-7
Viz Media (Shojo Beat) English June 7, 2011 978-1-421-53790-0

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The obi is a decorative "sash" that is wrapped around a Japanese publication and not included in any of the English releases.

I'm sorry... Allow me to snatch away just a bit of your freedom...
— Kaname Kuran, 56th Night


  • Cover - Yuki and Kaname
  • Inside flap -
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Zero and Yuki meet each other again at a banquet one year after they bid farewell. At the party, Yuki is introduced as the sister of the new head of vampire society, Kaname Kuran. How does Zero feel at the sigh of Yuki in her new role...? Amidst the flurry created by the appearance of a new Kuran, the faint scent of fresh blood wafts trhough the air, and the banquet comes to an abrupt halt. A true blood has taken actions that may very well destroy the new and fragile peace!

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In Japan, the volume 12 tankobon sold 167,114 copies in the first two weeks of sales, ranking in the top 20 releases of the weeks.

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