This is the 13th tankobon of the Vampire Knight series and includes 59th Night to 63rd Night.


Release informationEdit

Publisher Language Release Date ISBN Number
Hakusensha Japanese
ChuangYi English
Viz Media English October 4, 2011


Japanese Tankobon ObiEdit

The obi is a decorative "sash" that is wrapped around a Japanese publication and not included in any of the English releases.

Onii-sama's blood, memories, and feelings are flowing through me.
— Yuki Kuran, 62nd Night


  • Front Cover - Zero Kiryu, Yuki Kuran, Hanabusa Aido and the Artemis Rod
  • Inner cover -
  • Back flap -

Plot OutlineEdit

Book cover introductionsEdit

Chuang Yi MangaEdit

Shojo Beat MangaEdit



In Japan, the volume 13 tankobon sold 140,189 copies in the first two weeks of sales, ranking in the top 20 releases of the weeks.

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