This is the 2nd tankobon of the Vampire Knight series and includes chapter 6 to 9.

Japanese Obi QuoteEdit

Let's do the most unforgivable thing...
— Yuki Cross, 9th Night

Release informationEdit

Publisher Language Release Date ISBN Number
Hakusensha Japanese December 2, 2005 978-4-592-18302-0
ChuangYi English March 14, 2007 978-981-269-422-5
Viz Media English May 1, 2007 978-1-4215-1130-6


  • Cover - Zero peels a bloodied white glove off his hand with his teeth while Kaname holds the Artemis Scythe.
  • Black & White - A closed eyed Yuki leans on Kaname's shoulder, who holds her close, sitting on a couch.
  • Inside flap - Yuki, dressed all in black, holds a blooded arm to her face.

Plot OutlineEdit

Yuki and Zero go into town to do some shopping for the Headmaster, and they are attacked by a fiendish vampire called a "Level E". Two Night Class students, Takuma Ichijo and Senri Shiki, arrive just in time to slay it, and invite Yuki and Zero to their dormitory at midnight to find out why they killed one of their own kind. Yuki wanting to know more about vampires goes and Zero reluctantly follows. Both are surprised when it is revealed that it was actually Ichijo's birthday party. Even Kaname attends, and he tells Yuki to sit beside him. Yuki learns that Kaname is one of the few remaining Pureblooded vampires. Zero leaves, and Yuki finds him collapsed near the pond, and he tries to drink her blood for a second time. But before he can, a vampire hunter, and Zero's old master, named Toga Yagari shoots him. Zero is locked away in one of the Headmaster's rooms to recover, but Yuki realizes that he can recover quickly if he drinks human blood, so she lets him drink her blood.

Book cover summariesEdit

Chuang Yi MangaEdit

Unable to escape his bitter fate, Zero has now become a vampire. The daily torturous struggle against his craving for blood takes its toll upon his spirit, and he sinks into despair after his second attack on Yuki. All ready for death to claim him, he shuts himself away. In a desperate attempt to get Zero to stand up once more, Yuki steels her resolve to commit un unforgivable act despite knowing full well that it would condemn her...

Shojo Beat MangaEdit

Outside the safe boundary of the academy, Yuki is attacked by a vampire. Injured and unable to defend herself, two Night Class students come to aid and kill the vampire. Yuki asks them why they killed their own kind, and they tell her to come to the Moon Dormitory at midnight to learn the answer...



  • Sometimes there are lazy days too is about Yuki and Zero being kept from protecting the Night Zlass, in which chaos ensues and the vampires are grateful for their return.
  • I must have been born under an unlucky star is about Kain reflecting on how he gets into trouble by association (usually Aido), re-showing Kain and Aido scenes from the previous chapters.
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