This is the 8th tankobon of the Vampire Knight series and includes 35th Night to 38th Night.


Release informationEdit

Publisher Language Release Date ISBN number
Hakusensha Japanese October 10, 2008 978-4-592-18308-2
ChuangYi English February 10, 2009 978-981-276-758-5
Viz Media (Shojo Beat) English November 3, 2009 978-1-4215-3073-4

Japanese Tankobon ObiEdit

None included, Vampire Knight anime advertisement.


  • Cover - Kaname carries Yuki
  • Inside flap -
  • Black and white - Yuki and Zero in
  • Back flap - Zero and Yuki in casual dress, standing on the stairs, from the May 2008 LaLa cover.

Book cover introductionEdit

ChuangYi MangaEdit

When Kaname sinks his fangs into Yuki's neck, her entire world shatters, and the past that she has been searching for so desperately is finally revealed to her. Overwhelmed by the change that has come over Yuki, Zero turns her away at his door, and she is left in tears. Lord Rido finally puts his plans into action, together with the Council of Elders...and another unexpected figure in the shadows. Very soon, a park pall will fall over Cross Academy...

Shojo Beat MangaEdit

After trying to recall her past, Yuki's hallucinations become more vivid, and she tries to strangle Zero during a fit of madness. Locked in her room, all she can see is a world dyed in blood, but Kaname comes for her. He tells her it's time to wake up and sinks his fangs into her neck...

Plot outlineEdit

Kaname turns Yuki into a vampire, and Zero interrupts. He points his gun at Kaname in an angry rage, and prepares to shoot. But Yuki protects Kaname, declaring that he is her brother. She faints, and Kaname tells Zero that he would be happier if he was born as Yuki's real brother. He takes Yuki to the Moon Dormitory, and leaves Aido and Kain to take care of her while she goes through her transformation. In the meantime, Toya Rima confronts Rido, and they have a battle. Rido critically injures Rima, but she manages to ward him out of Shiki's body. Yuki wakes up and smells Rima's blood, scared at first that the scent of blood was Zero's. She, Aido and Kain go to the Sun Dormitory, and she goes to talk to Zero. He points his gun at the door and rejects her. Kaname goes to Rido's coffin, and opens it with Ichiru's help. He stabs a sword through his hand and Rido's body, giving Rido the blood he needs to regenerate. Ichiru asks why Kaname can't personally kill Rido, and Kaname reveals that he is actually the ancient ancestor of Kuran.



In Japan, the volume 8 tankobon sold 169,117 copies in the first two weeks of sales, ranking in the top 20 releases of the week.

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