Yoruno (夜乃, Yoruno) was a human sacrifice offered.


Yoruno was bought as an infant and raised in the way that, she would become a sacrifice for Kaname to feed on. She seemed to have a close bond with Hoshino beforehand, as Hoshino would always look out and protect Yoruno. She believes, as well as Hoshino, that by letting Kaname drink her blood, she would be allowed to go to heaven. But, When meeting Kaname, Yoruno was scared of his aura. Kaname however rescued both Yoruno and Hoshino by taking them to Cross Academy. However, on their way to Cross Academy, Yoruno runs back, as she fears that if she doesn't offer herself, she will go to hell. Hoshino went after her in order to stop her, only for the both of them be caught by aristocrat vampires. When found, Yoruno was dead from the loss of blood.


  • The meaning of her name: Yoru means 'night' and no is used in this case as a possessive particle.