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First ArcEdit

Shizuka HioEdit

Following her discovery of Zero's awakened nature as a vampire and his subsequent struggles with blood lust, Yuki chooses to go against taboo and allows Zero to feed upon her in secret. In order to prevent Zero from running away, Yuki promises that she will be his ally and that she will kill him if he becomes a Level E vampire. Yuki then meets Shizuka Hiou disguised as Maria Kurenai, who offers to allow Zero to drink her blood, thus preventing him from falling to Level E, in exchange for either Yuki's blood or Kaname's life. After dancing with Kaname during the inter-class ball, Yuki decides that she cannot kill him, and that she will instead let Shizuka have her blood. However, Zero stops Shizuka from biting Yuki right in time, saying that he does not want Shizuka to take anything away from him.

Yuki's Secret History Edit


Yuki hallucinating as a result of trying to remember her past.

Troubled by the gap in her memory, Yuki attempted to ask Kaname to reveal what he knew. Kaname bargained the answer in return for her becoming his lover. Yuki admitted she loves him and agreed to his proposal, but when she didn't get an answer, she attempted to remember on her own, causing herself halluncinations and waking nightmares, at one point almost suffocating Zero. Kaname then bit Yuki and reawakened her as a Pureblood vampire and drinking his blood brought back the complete memories of her past. Yuki was reunited with Kaname as his sister and his betrothed.

Returning to her vampire self, Yuki exhibited the uncontrolled return of her vampire powers and physical changes (her hair grew to waist-length and she grew taller) also occurred. After discovering that Yuki was a Pureblood Vampire, Zero declared her as his enemy. Yuki retained her friendship with her best friend, Yori. Yuki began to sense the danger of Rido's revival and Kaname attempted to remove her from danger. Yuki refused to leave the school, but convinced Kaname to continue his own mission. Yuki's ignored the Artemis Rod's attempts to reject her vampire nature until finally it morphed into a new weapon as a scythe.

Rido's Return Edit


Rido about to bite Yuki

Yuki finally confronted her uncle, Rido and saves Aido from him, but she is shaken by Rido confusing her with her mother. Zero interrupted them by attempting to kill Rido. Yuki reconfirmed her vow to be Zero's ally despite being called his enemy. Though Zero attempted to remove her from the fight, Yuki managed to score the killing blow on her uncle. When Zero announced his intention to kill all Purebloods, including Yuki, she decides to defend herself. Both fail to attack and Kaname interrupts their confrontation. Yuki prevents Kaname and Zero coming to blows and Kaname leaves.

Yuki confirms she is the same person she has always been and tells Zero that she only desires Kaname's blood. Zero confesses that he only desired her blood, and she allows him to drink her blood again. Zero reiterates his intention to kill Yuki and she declares she will run from him to give him a reason to continue living.

Yuki breaks down in despair over the position she is now in as Zero's enemy and she finally realizes Zero's true feelings for her. As she cannot change what she is, she resolves to lock up her pained heart instead. She collects her things including the Resin Rose, finally recalling Kaname's promise. She later thanks Kaname for remembering the promise she forgot. She leaves the Academy with Kaname but not before seeing Zero carrying his brother's body.

Upon their arrival at the Kuran mansion through a hidden entrance, Kaname confesses all his sins to Yuki. Yuki forgives Kaname's deeds and feels guilty for being the cause of these deeds.

Second ArcEdit

After a Year Edit

During the year timeskip, Yuki starves herself refusing to drink blood as a normal vampire, forcing Kaname to pierce his own wrist to feed her. Aido tutors Yuki in school lessons and Ruka teaches Yuki the etiquette of a noble lady. She spends much time on her own while Kaname is out conducting his affairs. She has no contact with Yori and Kaien during that time.


The Vampire Ball with Yuki being introduced

Yuki finally admits to Kaname that her thirst cannot be sated by his blood alone and she has been unable to sever her attachment to Zero, but desires to stay by his side. She is upset when Kaname allows this-telling her he welcomes anything from her-including pain. He then tells Yuki that she should drink his blood as the punishment she wanted from him. Yuki once more meets Zero at the vampire ball, only to find him as hostile as ever, but her spirits are lifted upon once again after seeing Yori. Following the suicide of a hunter who was bitten by a Pureblood at the party, Yuki swears to investigate in order to protect her loved ones.

Upon questioning the death of Ouri, Kaname impresses upon Yuki the problems caused by Purebloods and their failure in desiring to live. He returns the Artemis to Yuki to let her know that he was serious about his desire for Yuki to kill him, should she leave him. Yuki decides to take action and seeks out the Pureblood families, offering her services as an executioner for any that wish to die.

During her excursion takes a side visit to the cemetery, during which Yuki is attacked by an aggressive Pureblood, named Toma. Zero encounters Yuki and Aido, he takes the injured Yuki to a Vampire Hunter safe house to recover. Yuki however awakens before Zero sets her down and almost ends up biting him. An apologetic Yuki runs rushes off to find Kaname and go home.

Revelation of the AncestorEdit

As Kaname drinks from Yuki, he admits that he returned Artemis to allow her to be herself, yet hoping that she would realise that some things are lost causes no matter how hard one tries. Kaname's words trouble Yuki as she senses his depression and is at a loss at how to help him. Kaname admits that he fears her sacrificing herself for one of these lost causes and finally reveals that he is not her brother. Yuki is confused by his words and he carries her to his coffin and lets her drink his blood to reveal his memories of his awakening.

Yuki witnesses Kaname's past both as a watcher and participator. After awakening from his memories, Yuki is frantic to find Kaname, after Kaname assures and reminds her that its ok to call him "Onii-sama" since he took her real brother's life and took his place, she acknowledges that she understands and declares she will call him "Kaname" from now on.

When Nagamichi Aido asks Yuki if she is able to stop Kaname should she disagree with his actions, Yuki realises that she will not be able to do anything until she is Kaname's equal, she realises they still have a lot to talk about. She realises that in the past, while she loved Kaname from a far there was always a distance between them and she thought she would have time to address it, but then everything she wanted was suddenly hers. Her vampire self chides her, declaring that if she wants Kaname, she should devour him. Yuki berates the honesty of her inner self, her thoughts are interrupted when Yuki witnesses an upset Ruka and runs to Kaname to confront him over the cause. Kaname answers enigmatically and Yuki notes he still has more secrets.

Yuki has trouble referring to him as just Kaname and Kaname offers to let her change his name. As Kaname prepares to leave, he gives Yuki a mysterious key and then asks Yuki how she sees him. She answers that he was proud of him as her brother and her senpai, finally she knows him as her ancestor. He is like her, a beast inside a beautiful man, but he's also weak, shady, a liar and has too many secrets. Even though they promised to marry since they were children, she's not certain of his feelings for her, she amends that he loves her but there are various things mixed up in it. She asks if they can start over again and so she can watch him anew. Kaname agrees.[1]

Kaname's DepartureEdit


Kaname's Farewell to Yuki

When Kaname tells Yuki he has to go, Yuki senses something is wrong and begs him to stay. Kaname declines and leaves her behind. Yuki, frantic and upset, sets out to find Kaname. She reaches the train station and finds Kaien, she hijacks them and leads them to Kaname who is at the Hanadagi estate. They arrive in time to witness Kaname killing Nagamichi Aido. Kaname tells Yuki he has decided to carry out his plan, he apologises and thanks her and then flees.[2] Yuki is shocked while Kaien chases Kaname as she watches Hanabusa grieve, she runs out after Kaname wanting to know the reason for his actions after they had agreed to start over. She finds Kaien and desperate to understand why Kaname has left like this, her Pureblood power of butterfly wings develop. Kaien stops her before she can go any further and she finds she can no longer sense Kaname. She meekly returns with Kaien to the Hunters Headquarters, detained by him as per the law.[3]

Yuki returns to the Hunter's Association's Headquarters and is interrogated by Kaien. She cannot provide any answers, but requests that the Hunters do not interfere in her finding Kaname and asking him his reasons. Kaien advises her that she will need to take on the duty for upholding the treaty that Kaname created in order to prevent certain chaos again. Yuki advises Aido that she will take responsibility to find out Kaname's reasons. Yuki smells blood and finds Kaito carrying a catatonic young girl, when she touches the girl, Yuki absorbs the memory of the girl's kidnapping and subsequent savings by Zero and witnesses Zero struggling with bloodlust and the girl is healed by Yuki's actions. Yuki returns to the Kaien's office and requests that she punish the vampire that escape Zero to prove herself, not as a "Kuran", but because she wants to prove her ability to take action. After Kaien agrees, she promises herself that she will definitely go after Kaname, but she must do this first.[4]

The New Night ClassEdit

Vk70 21

Yuki stating she would restart the Night Class to the Nobles

With Kaien's permission, Yuki seeks out the support of the former Night Class students, including Rima and Senri. With their help, she gathers all the Nobles; she asks for their permission to recreate the Night Class and to join her in enforcing the treaty. Lacking trust in the Kurans due to Kaname, the Nobles insist that Yuki use her power as a Pureblood to force them to obey if it's truly her wish to restart the Night Class; this saddens Yuki, who would never force cooperation. However, Hanabusa arrives and supports Yuki by expressing that he trusts her not to use her Pureblood powers against them; the Nobles had listed the murder of Hanabusa's father as a reason for distrust. The students return to Cross Academy and Yuki establishes herself as the enforcer of the rule they are not allowed to harm humans. However, she makes a mistake in her speech, saying to use her as an errand girl if anyone is in trouble; Aido quickly helps correct her, even saying she's stupid for a Pureblood.

During a class, Yuki overhears Zero mentioning an illegal auction being held by vampires (in which a human is sold to the highest bidder as food); she tells the class, inviting anyone who cares to assist in the arrest of the perpetrators. When asked if it's an order, Yuki tells them it's not; a small group willingly comes with her and Maria. She confronts the auctioner, but is held at gunpoint by his human girlfriend; Zero kills the auctioner, causing his girlfriend to faint. The Night Class detains the vampires who attended the auction, leaving them for the Hunters. Yuki takes her first blood tablets, noting the bad taste in comparison to real blood. Maria tells her it's like taking a bitter medicine to keep going, and tells Yuki that she is taking Zero because Yuki no longer needs him. Yuki denies not needing Zero.

Out for a walk, Yuki runs into Yori, who is horse-riding. Sitting in the shade of a tree, they both catch up. Yuki then becomes horrified when she realizes that she thought Yori looked delicious. Thinking about it, Yuki lists the reasons; pinning Yori in place, Yuki explains that she's a vampire that could attack her out of hunger, and that she looks delicious. However, Yuki leaves out that a human bitten by Pureblood would turn into a vampire or die of blood loss. Yori says she isn't scared of her, something that both annoys and cheers Yuki up. 

Takuma asks Yuki if she trusts Kaname and Yuki affirms she does, but she is upset he's ruining his reputation. Takuma attempts to talk to Yuki about the blood tablets, but Sara interrupts. Yuki spies Zero carrying Maria, she talks to Zero about her problem and wants to talk to him like before, but Zero thought she was weird and in need of blood. Zero demands Yuki drinks his blood to regain control; shei tries to refuse but gives in and says its because of their mutual interest and her need to do her duty. They are unaware Aido has seen them. Yuki finds she has lost the election for the Dorm President to Sara, who declines to do the duties, leaving those to Yuki.

Later, Sara becomes suspicious to Yuki and the rest of the Night Class. Because of their suspiciousness, they look into the new tablets Sara created. Yuki finds something about odd about the tablets, and finds that Sara put her blood in it. Yuki says she will stop put a stop it one way or another (The blood tablets have been given to the vampires already). Later on, two Night Class students try to follow and drink blood from Humans from the Day Class, but Yuki catches them. The two Night Class students ask her to move out of the way, and as they do that the Day Class students go. Yuki then finds something suspicious. She scolds the Night Class Students and asks them why they tried attacking the Day Class, and why they broke the agreement. So then she asked them if it was because of the blood tablets. She takes them away and the Night Class students beg her to give it back. So she realised it was because of the blood tablets. The Night Class students, tried to snatch it off her, but she throws the tablets to Zero, and the two Night Class students drink her blood. Yuki then told them to calm down, and go back to their normal selves. After drinking Yuki's blood they turned back to normal and apologized. Yuki knew it wasn't their fault and sent them back to their dorms. Later that day, she asks all of the Night Class students to get rid of/give Yuki the blood tablets. And if they hid it, she would find it. Later on, Kaname comes back to Cross Academy and says that Yuki is an hindrance to his plans. He then leaves and Yuki follows him resulting in a small fight between them. In order to stop the fight, Ruka created an illusion of Zero killing Yuki for Yuki to distract her. Kaname then heads to the place where Sara is and Yuki faints.

Pursuit of KanameEdit

Recovering, Yuki heads to the Hunter's Association to confront Kaname, but finds that he is fighting Zero. After Ruka is injured by Kaname's sword, he tells Yuki to take care of her, but pinning him against her Artemis, she asks up to what degree does Kaname want to realize ‘her will’ and whatever it is, he shouldn’t be doing this kind of thing. Kaname asks her what she plans to do with him after capturing him like this. While Yuki is thinking of her answer, the hunters attack with a chain net with hopes of capturing Kaname. Kaname pushes Yuki to safety and she just watch as the net fell on Kaname. She holds his severed skeleton hand and wonders why he protected her. Turning her attention back to Ruka, Yuki tells her to muster her strength and drink her blood. She cuts her wrist with her fingernail, but suddenly Akatsuki sucks the blood and gives it to Ruka through a kiss. Yuki leaves Ruka in Akatsuki's care and goes with Zero to confront Kaname.

Catching Kaname on the rooftop, Yuki cuts her hair short with Artemis and apologizes to Zero, saying that she won’t do stupid things again and their goals are the same now. She asks permission from Zero if it is alright for her to stay at his side now. When he says yes, Yuki comments that is a weird way of saying it. Yuki mentally tells Zero that if the body is placed in darkness, where it is frozen, perhaps one won’t feel a thing and if it melts, the pain will come back. While she and Zero run towards Kaname, Yuki says that she’ll throw off the heavy load, for if she was to think of what to do with him after she captures him, then she’ll have no way of capturing him. Swinging Artemis, Yuki shouts that just like Ruka, she won’t be at a loss again.

Yuki attacks Kaname with her butterfly familiar, but he belittles them since they are so like her, embodying light. She then asks him if the Ancestress really wanted things to have become chaotic, or for the Purebloods to act with such arrogance. Yuki is aggravated and asks how he could forget that. Soon, Takuma arrives and holds Zero captive, telling Yuki and Kaname to lower their weapons. Suddenly, the parent metal appears, kills Sara, and grabs hold of Yuki and Kaname’s weapons. Yuki refuses to let go of Artemis, but is quickly saved by Zero before she is killed by the parent metal. After Kaname calms the Ancestress and lets her rest in peace, he flees, prompting Yuki and Zero to go after him since she doesn't want to see another vampire go on a rampage again. Returning to the Academy, Yuki is approached by members of the Night Class, who promise to help her in any way they can. She also promises Aido that she will ask Kaname why his father had to die. Visiting a sleeping Yori, Yuki states that she won’t erase her friend’s memories, as she wants Yori to remember her. Proceeding to leave the Academy, she finds Zero waiting for her at the gate. Kaito suddenly appears and attacks Zero, angry at him leaving with Yuki, who is a Pureblood. After Zero reasons with him, Kaito sends them off in a hurry, with Yuki dragging Zero behind her by the hand.

Traveling up the mountains to the Kuran Mansion, Yuki tells Zero to take care of his injured hand since it is healing very slowly. Arriving at the mansion, she makes it clear to him that she cannot stay with him because she is a Pureblood belonging to Kaname. But Zero states that it was her who saved him with her hands and wonders if the night they met was a setup by Kaname. As he states that he will accompany her, Yuki feels deeply pierced by his words as she realizes that their journey is also a pursuit for his sake. Looking around inside, Yuki remembers that Aido’s father was managing the mansion and gets frustrated that there are no clues of why he died. Returning to the entrance, she finds Zero sleeping, but he quickly wakes up and they leave, stating that the place did not bring good memories.

They then board a train to travel to Isaya Shoto for help in their pursuit of Kaname. While resting in one of the cabins, Yuki sees that Zero has satisfied his bloodlust for over a year. Zero reveals that he has drank the blood of madness from Level E vampires. Yuki knows what it's like to have bloodlust and that abstaining from it is difficult. Zero comments that his thirst for blood is none of her concern, and Yuki sees that they are both covering their hearts with masks. As they leave the train, Isaya’s servant approaches them, giving them invitations to his masquerade.

That night, Yuki dresses up in a beautiful gown for the ball. As she dances with Isaya, she sees that the guests are tense as they wait for Kaname to appear. Afterwards, she goes out on the balcony, wondering if he will appear. As Zero joins her, Yuki jokes around with him, pretending, while wearing a mask, that she's meeting him for the first time. They then dance together and Yuki is surprised that he can dance. Zero says that Yuki is very similar to a girl that died a year ago and Yuki agrees he's similar to the boy who she wanted to protect, yet she hurt him. Zero isn't the same person now since he isn't someone who'd dance with a vampire. Flashbacks of Yuki and Zero as children are shown with Yuki caring for Zero, him leading her out of the dark forest, and them in the Night Class, back when Yuki seemed really happy. Yuki wonders why they had to end up being enemies, and sees that Zero has become someone she wants to cherish. Zero then gives her a kiss, and she realizes that the feeling inside her is real. Yuki then notices Kaname has arrived at the masquerade as she takes off her mask. Yuki and Zero pursue Kaname, who is going after Isaya, but is blocked by Rima and Senri, who say that Kaname is talking with Isaya. Yuki and Zero manage to get past them, but Kaname escapes with Rima, Senri and Takuma with his business with Isaya done.

Later that night, Yuki stands outside of Zero’s room as she waits for him to get done dressing. She recalls the night a year ago, when Zero rejected a girl who asked to dance with him, and wonders aloud what it would have been like if they met as humans. She would've seen Zero as her senpai, who would've still been enemies with Kaname. She would have cared and treated Zero's wound the night before the dance saying fighting isn't good and wonders if anything would've happened after that. Yuki wonders what the 17-year-old human Yuki would've done. Zero opens his door and calls her an idiot. He states that she is wrong because they would have never met if they were human. Yuki then bites Zero, seeing that he still loves her. Against his will, she erases his memories of her, since she plans on sacrificing herself to turn Kaname into a human.


Later, Yuki goes to his room to check on him. As Zero awakens, he points Bloody Rose at her, wondering why a vampire he doesn’t know is worried about him. Content that he is alright, Yuki smiles at him and leaves. She then runs into Kaito in the corridor, who coldly remarks that wiping of Zero's memories and control over his life was the epitome of Pureblood sin. He however remarks that she has a likable face and never sheds a tear in front of everyone, earning a smile as he walks away. She is then approached by Kaien, who asks her to accompany him. Going outside, Yuki finds Kaname approaching Kaien. Hiding behind a tree, she hears Kaname’s intention of using his own heart to create the new metal needed to forge anti-vampire weapons. Having enough, Yuki reveals herself to Kaname. Kaien leaves them and they embrace, with Yuki crying.

As they both return to the Kuran Mansion, Yuki holds Kaname tightly, refusing to let go. Even when he assures her that he will not leave, she continues to hug him and calls him a liar. She proclaims that every memory she had of him since he rescued her from the Level-E vampire were all lies. Kaname proves his devotion to Yuki by taking her back to their room in the house she was born and they make love.

Later, Yuki senses Zero’s presence when he and Kaito arrive to protect Kaname. She refuses to leave the bedroom and asks Kaname how he is behaving normally before he is sacrificed. He asks her the same thing since she plans on giving her life to turn him into a human, and states that he will not let her do that because it is a rash action. Yuki is then carried down by Kaname to where Zero is, but she protests and asks why they are showing themselves before him. As Zero leaves to go back outside and patrol, Kaname bites Yuki in the neck. Seeing Zero leave in disgust, Yuki shoves Kaname off, yelling at him to stop dragging Zero into their problems. She then tells Zero to leave, saying that he cannot stay at the mansion. But he refuses, stating that he is following the Association’s orders, and that it will be their loss if something happened to Kaname, the next parent.

While they are resting, Kaname asks Yuki if it is alright with sacrificing herself to turn him into a human. If she does that, then she will be destroying humanity’s only hope of fighting against the vampires. Soon enough, the Pureblood vampires attack the mansion. Kaname tells Yuki to stay inside since their numbers are immense. Yuki refuses, wanting to go instead since they are after him, but Kaname asks her to let him protect her. After he and Zero push the vampires back, they all travel back to the academy since they are not safe at the mansion. Yuki then protest to Kaien about Kaname giving his life to forge new anti-vampire weapons. The hunters tell her that they have to because they no longer have their weapons and they need to defend themselves against the vampires. Suddenly, Yori appears, having been accompanied by Yagari. Yuki is surprised to see her since it is dangerous to be at the academy. But Yori replies that it does not matter, saying that it is a safe place, but if anything happens, then it is not safe at all.

Yuki then goes and spends her time with Kaname, but then Zero arrives with Isaya, who plans to turn Yuki into a human. She protests and refuses to leave, but Kaname beckons her to go back into the world of light, saying that she is more suited under the sunlight. As Isaya grabs her, Yuki shouts that it is something for her to decide. She sheds tears as she leaves, surprising Zero. Yuki then begs Isaya not to turn her into a human, stating that she cannot lose her vampire powers because of what is happening with the Pureblood vampires. Suddenly, she is grabbed and pushed against a tree by Zero, who is getting pissed at her pitiful state. It is at that moment that he remembers that Yuki is a woman that he wants to protect. Zero states that she took something precious from him and he is taking it back. He then bites her to regain his memories, drinking a massive amount of her blood. Once they return, Zero hugs Yuki, saying that he will face his true feelings and will not hide behind any excuses anymore. When Aido arrives, an unconscious Yuki is left under his care as Zero rushes to Kaname. As she awakens, she drinks Aido’s blood to regain her strength. Regaining her strength, she quickly grabs Artemis and rushes with Aido to find and protect Kaname.

Arriving back at the Academy gates, Yuki and Aido find that the battle between the hunters and the Pureblood vampires has started, and Kaname is nowhere to be found. She then realizes that he is about to throw his heart into the furnace.


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